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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design In the field of internet style and development, we’re quickly aiming to the purpose of being unable to stay up with the endless new resolutions and devices. For several websites, making an internet site version for every resolution and new device would be impossible. We at Designgeekme provide the ways to connect your business or brand with the customers via technology that will represent your business or brand as it is.


Animation & Motion Graphics

In order to engage your audience, sometimes photos and text simply aren’t enough. Designgeekme IT Services can design and develop motion graphics that will strengthen your message, engage your audience and become a valuable part of your marketing plan. Without a coherent, intentional strategy driving your animation or motion graphics project, you could very well end up with an expensive and ineffective promotional piece on your hands.



Web casting is essentially broadcasting live over the internet. A webcast is either broadcasted live or on demand. Designgeekme IT Services provides webcasting service for all online events, whether it’s a few hour event or full day long or month long. We provide service that can be simultaneously broadcasted from multiple places and to multiple locations worldwide.



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